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Clue Computing was founded as a limited partnership in the state of Colorado during the summer of 1994 by Dworkin Müller and Eric Robison. Clue is incorporated in the state of Colorado.


Clue is a completely virtual company; it's employees telecommute or work at client sites. It can be said, that the center of gravity of Clue Computing lies somewhere in Longmont, Colorado, USA. Clue may provide services for clients anywhere in the Tri-planet (Terra, Mars, Venus) area.

Web Server

Clue's home page is served up by a Solbourne Series 6 Server with a pair of 66Mhz SuperSPARC CPU's running OS/MP 4.1C, a symmetric multiprocessing derivative of SunOS 4.1.3.

Staff (At least, the ones who aren't too shy...)

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Last updated 14 May, 2021