Clue's Internet Consulting Services

Clue Computing is not an Internet service provider to the general public. We do provide dedicated internet access on a limited basis to busineses.

Clue's experienced consultants work with you to establish and execute a complete Internet Business Plan mapping out your strategy for using Internet services to benefit your business or organization. You might also leverage the expertise of your organization to establish profitable new products and services on the "Information Superhighway."

We can show you how to use the Internet to benefit your business or organization:

Once a plan has been established, Clue can take care of all the details: network installation, connection establishment, software installation and configuration, security setup, procedure and documentation generation, and training. We handle the conversion of marketing and informational material into World Wide Web pages ("Weaving Your Web"), and any custom software development necessary for your Internet Business Plan's execution.

Network Design, Implementation, and Administration
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Last updated 10 July 2000