Clue's Security Services

Firewall Design and Implementation

If you are connected to the Internet, you need to protect yourself from system crackers. The usual way to protect yourself is a combination of hardware and software called a "firewall." We can design and implement a firewall to fit your needs, while still allowing your employees and customers to get the most from your connection to the outside world. If you have a firewall now, we can test to make sure that the bad guys can't get in.

External Network Security Audits

Are you worried that your existing network security arrangements may not be as secure as you would like? We can audit and/or test it discreetly and let you know about the deficiencies we find and how to correct them, before crackers compromise your site.

Disaster Recovery Audits and Planning

What would happen to your computer facilities, and your business, if there were a fire, theft, or natural disaster? Let us help you plan for a quick, speedy recovery.

Physical Security Audits

We can check your physical security procedures and protection for your computer facilities or entire physical plant. This can include physical penetration attempts of your facilities.

Internal System and Network Security Audits

Are your networks safe from unauthorized access from the inside? Are the people in your manufacturing department looking at your payroll data? We can help you ensure that your employees only have access to the data they need to get their job done.

Network Security Awareness

Could a cracker easily guess the passwords protecting your data? We can educate your employees about techniques for selecting secure passwords and handling data securely. We can then test to ensure that secure procedures are actually being followed.

Internal Software Audits

Are you worried that your employees are loading bootleg software on your systems? Have you inadvertently loaded more copies of your word processor than you have licenses? Has someone hacked a demo version of software to run on your systems? We can tell you.

Virus Checking

Personal computers are easily attacked and frequently lose data due to computer viruses. We can help you set up a system to constantly check for these programs and destroy them before they destroy your data.

Secure Access from the Internet

Do you have to send someone to another site? They will still need to get access to their mail, news, source code, etc. Need to link several remote sites? We can set up a secure, encrypted means for them to access your computer network from anywhere in the world.

Securely Providing Internet Services to Your Customers

Do you want your customers or employees to be able to use the Internet to download product catalogs, software patches, newsletters, or other data? We can set up an anonymous and secure FTP, mail, or UUCP server for you.

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Last updated 10 July 2020